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What You Need to Know About Commercial Excavation

Excavation and land clearing is an important activity in construction jobs. Clearing of the land precedes excavation as it involves removing any unwanted material on the site. Excavation is a very calculated activity as it involves the use of heavy machinery to remove large stones or dirt on the site. Commercial projects are normally massive and require professional service providers who have years of expertise. The team that deals with excavation is the one that usually lays the foundation for every other project being carried out on the site. Excavation teams are usually experts in areas such as management of stormwater, digging of tunnels, building foundations and grading sites for roadworks. It is necessary for excavation teams to be competent and team players as this is not a one man’s job. A mistake in the calculations of the steps to be followed could cause a whole construction site to take a step back. To avoid making structures that could be a danger to the society, construction needs to stop and be reviewed if a mistake happened during excavation. However, there are several factors that could lead to a successful excavation process.

Most importantly is to control soil erosion which occurs during stormy weather. Stormwater needs to be to controlled at the construction site to prevent shut down of the project by building inspectors. The topsoil is excavated first in cases where erosion has occurred.

Large rocks, and entrances have to be created on the actual site to ensure smooth movement of workers and machines without any obstructions. In case there is any work that is supposed to be carried out by the excavation team, they have to ensure that they are always on site. Cases where excavators are not present at site, leads to major delays in the construction process.

Due to the risk of there being any adverse weather conditions such as destructive winds, the excavation teams need to manage their time well. Rains and storms could interfere with set timelines as excavation cannot happen in such conditions. Such occurrences lead to a halt in construction until it is safe to continue. Construction companies need to make sure they get weather updates to plan themselves for any conditions that would affect their set timelines.

Communication is important in every aspect of life and also during construction and excavation. For work to be done the right way, team players need to engage in communication which is mostly by word of mouth. The contractor should be able to offer guidance on how the construction is supposed to take place and who works when to avoid unnecessary confusion. The excavation team needs to be readily available when required on site.

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